The River of Stars

Ariáthne kóren, adhirén kerís...

Athena Andreadis, aka Helivoy
Scientist by day, writer by night.

Basic research in molecular neurobiology
Alternative splicing and the connection of its misregulation to mental retardation and dementia

Author of To Seek Out New Life: The Biology of Star Trek
Interviews: Crossed Genres, SF Signal
Editor of The Other Half of the Sky, anthology of original SF mythic space opera that had women "destroy SF" way before it became fashionable and safe to do so
Review of Star Trek reboot: We Now Interrupt Our Regular Programming...
Review of Star Wars at Strange Horizons: We Must Love One Another or Die
Representative article in H+ Magazine: Why Our Brains Will Never Live in the Matrix
Representative article in Huffington Post:
SF Goes McDonald's: Less Taste, More Gristle
Representative article in Stone Telling: A (Mail)coat of Many Colors: The Songs of the Byzantine Border Guards
Representative published story: Planetfall (reprinted in Apex Book of World SF 3)
Representative poem: Mid-Journey